Boarding Application

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Our boarding service is currently not available - if you can not find a boarding service near you, feel free to contact us and we may be able to direct you to an alternative boarder.

Going away, and not sure who you can rely on to care for your rats? We can help. 
Please read through this information and then click the link below to access our boarding application form.

Rachie's Ratirement Home offers a boarding service where your rats can either stay at the rescue under the care of rescue staff and volunteers, or be paired with a volunteer carer if you would prefer your rats reside in a family situation with an approved person or if your rats need daily medication or special care (subject to availability). 
Boarding costs not only cover the costs of food, care, and cleaning/sanitisation associated with boarding, but provides much needed income directly to the rescue in exchange for the time of our volunteers! We always have an enormous influx of surrenders before holiday periods, and boarding helps us cover those vet costs.

We have plenty of items to make your rats are comfortable, but you are encouraged to bring along any hides, hammocks and cosy items that your rats particularly love. Anything that helps them feel safe and comfy during their stay will ensure a better boarding experience and reduce stress and the likelihood of a stess-induced respiratory flare.
We use Ferret Kingdom style cages with dust extracted, kiln dried shavings as substrate, recycled paper cat litter in litter trays, and shredded paper as nesting material. We feed Laucke Mills rat food as a staple as well as a wide variety of foods as enrichment, and use selamectin or ivermectin based topical treatments for parasites. Cages have 'Wobust' size Wodent Wheels, multiple hides at floor level and hammocks above. If your rat has allergies to any of the above products or needs special support or cage alterations ie for mobility or wound management, please let us know in the form how we can best accomodate in advance.

Boarding drop-off and collection occurs by appointment only. As we are a volunteer run rescue organisation rather than a brick-and-mortar kennel business, appointments for dropoff and collection (bar emergencies) are available within the regular open hours of the rescue, which is currently 9am to 5pm Saturdays and Tuesdays by appointment. If collection is to be arranged on an earlier day than booked, the time of pickup is subject to the availability of the carer and a refund should not be expected. 


Boarding Costs:

  • One cage (maximum of 10 rats): $15.00/day
  • Groups larger than 10 rats or those requiring separate housing will require additional cage space to be rented.
  • Rats requiring medical or specialist care during their stay: $5/rat/day of care required, with the additional provisions;
    • If your rat requires medication, you will need to provide the sufficient amount of the medications required to cover the boarding period.
    • Rats requiring daily medication will likely be boarded in-home with a volunteer, and therefore will need approval based on volunteer availability.
  • Out of hours appointments may be arranged (where capacity exists), with an additional fee of $40.
  • For emergency/crisis boarding made via connected domestic violece and other support services we still need paperwork filled out in full, but fees and appointment hours will be determined on a case by case basis via email communication, subject to volunteer and resource availability.



Payment terms are as arranged with the rescue, even where the rats are residing in foster care during the boarding service. 

Extra charges may apply for additional care e.g. pre-existing medical conditions requiring treatment and/or special dietary requirements.  If your rat requires medication, please ensure you provide the sufficient amount to cover the boarding period and let your boarding carer know all details i.e. dosage amounts and treating vet.

Your rat/s health and well-being are our primary concern.  If a medical problem is detected, all attempts will be made to contact you.  An emergency contact number MUST be provided when boarding your rats.  The emergency contact person MUST be an adult, capable of making decisions for you regarding your rat’s health, able to be reached within Australia, and authorised to make medical and financial decisions for your pet on your behalf.  You will assume all financial responsibilities for approved medical services provided during your pet's stay. 

Should a life threatening (critical) medical condition occur during your rats stay and attempts to reach either you or your emergency contact are unsuccessful, medical decisions regarding their care will be made by authorised rescue staff, for your rats.  You will be responsible for all medical charges associated with the management of this event.  Your rat may be taken to a Rachie's Ratirement Home endorsed vet at the discretion of the person boarding your pet, and not necessarily your preferred vet, if your vet is a considerable distance away or inaccessible.

  • I have read and I understand the conditions regarding measures that will be taken should my rat/s become ill.
  • I agree to pay all associated costs incurred including those due to any veterinary required treatment provided or accessed by Rachie's Ratirement Home or it’s nominated foster carers upon collection of my rat/s.
  • I understand that Rachie's Ratirement Home will not return my animals to my care where a debt remains without payment or a suitable payment arrangement in place and that I will incur additional boarding costs until payment (or suitable payment arrangement) is agreed to.
  • I undertand that if I cease my re-payment plan, refuse to make payment OR am not able to be contacted by Rachie's Ratirement Home after 14 calendar days, I willingly and unconditionally forfeit my rats to the care of the rescue as surrenders.
  • I understand that if my rats are not collected within 7 days after the scheduled pick-up date, and contact or further arrangement is unsuccessful, they will be re-homed by Rachie's Ratirement Home as it sees fit, and I will be liable for any charges incurred.
  • If for any reason I am unhappy with my experience boarding, I will contact Rachie’s Ratirement Home to discuss my concerns.

Please note that submission of any electronic form to Rachie's Ratirement Home will be considered as signed and authorised by the person completing the form.

I affirm my understanding, agree to the conditions of boarding listed and I am aware if I am not willing to agree to these conditions Rachie’s Ratirement Home cannot board my rats at this time.

Our boarding services are currently unavailable.

August 29, 2020