Day Spa

We are happy to offer assistance with rat grooming and condition, and teach you the techniques to do it yourself! 
We offer two packages depending on whether your visit is for day-to-day care or to prepare for a show. The Day Spa runs every Saturday from 9 to 4 by appointment, at the rescue site in Sunnybank Hills, please contact us via the form to book in a visit.

Please select a package below to see more information.

Basic Groom and Checkup: $12 per rat

  • Nail trimming (if needed)
  • Bathing (warm weather only)
  • Parasite treatment
  • Basic health checkup

This is the perfect package for an owner wanting to learn whether their rat needs grooming and how to do it, or a rat who may need extra care. While a basic health checkup is in no way intended to represent or replace medical advice, we've found time and time again that teaching owners what to look out for leads to early detection and intervention when medical issues do arise, and help to recognise when things are wrong. Noticing a strange coloured tooth, smelly ear or misplaced lump during a visit has saved many rats!

Show Prep Scrub-up: $12 per rat

  • Nail trimming, or filing sharp points if short
  • Show bathing 
  • Parasite treatment
  • Basic health checkup and look-over for possible health/condition related disqualifications

This is intended for those seeking to get their rats bench-ready before a rodent show. The bathing is more rigorous than the regular package, and white coat shampoo is used. Even for short nails, we will file them to be suitable for showing without scratching up the judges, and we'll get those tails nice and clean in a practised manner. We'll give them a basic checkup, but also look them over for health and condition based disqualification points depending on whether you're entering the Pet or Varieties classes. We are always happy to teach you as we go! This package is intended to address the flood of grooming assistance requests we receive before and during each QRF Rodent Show, and is available the two Saturdays preceding each show. We will no longer be cutting nails for people on the day - we simply don't have the time, and it doesn't benefit your rat to be stressed out right before judging.

I understand and agree to the administration of the services above to my animals as indicated in the form and/or discussed in person at the rescue.
I understand that the individuals attending my rat are within their rights to refuse any or all aspects of the service if they believe that it is not in the best interests of the rat and/or the individual. This may be for any reason, including but not limited to aggressive behaviour, distress, pain, or poor condition in the animal, a belief that performing the service is likely to cause harm or endanger either party, or the presence of contagious conditions.
I agree that any unforeseeable complications with my rat/s that may arise as a direct or indirect result of these services are not the responsibility or fault of Rachie's Ratirement Home and it's volunteers and workers, and I understand that the aforementioned will always do their best to ensure the safety and wellbeing of my animals. I declare that I will not bring any animals with a history of human aggression, and that I may be held accountable for any harm done where a risk or history was undeclared. I agree to tell the individuals administering the grooming services any information or history that may inform or influence decisions and outcomes affecting the health and safety of both the animals and individuals. I declare that I will not bring any animals known to carry contagious pathogens or parasites unless discussed and cleared with Rachie's Ratirement Home, in which case I will inform all individuals present of the status of any animal affected.
I agree to pay the full amount agreed for my booking at the prices listed above, and understand that my booking is not complete until I have confirmed a time for my visit via email with RRH staff and paid my booking in full. I understand that should I fail to attend my booking at the arranged time, my payment is not able to be refunded. Should I need to cancel my booking, I will contact Rachie's Ratirement Home via the 'contact us' section of this website, and understand that I will be refunded only if I cancel before the 48 hours preceding my appointment.

I understand that submission of any electronic form to Rachie's Ratirement Home will be considered as signed and authorised by the person completing the form.