Educational Resources

There are some excellent educational resources out there to help empower you to be the best rat parent you can be! Here are some of our favourites

  • Ratguide: This is a very well referenced guide to many rat medical problems. It’s no replacement for vet care but owners can learn a lot about what to look for by reading through and looking at the case studies.

  • Rat community Facebook groups: These can be a place to search for inspiration or opinion on the current care expectations for pet rats. Like all Facebook groups, they’re prone to misinformation and vitriol, and some are better than others. A few that I find to be fairly well moderated and promote fact based rat care are:

    • Rat Care and Behaviour Australia: A group focusing on socialising and promoting welfare and behaviour advice for all rats including natives and introduced species. Breeder based content is discouraged here in favour of rescuing.

    • Naturalistic & Bioactive Rat Setups: A group dedicated to creating naturalistic enclosures and bioactive dig boxes (which serve as an incredible enrichment for rats of all ages).

  • The Dapper Rat: This website is a little older and endorses one author we don’t condone for animal welfare reasons (I would personally not purchase the health care guide), but still has a lot of really worthwhile content. It’s the place to buy Wodent Wheels, one of the only safe rat wheels accessible in Australia. Fun fact, little 12 year old Rachie learned everything they knew from this site a very long time ago, and has a soft spot for it.

  • Youtube can be hit or miss even with the rat specific content creators, but a couple good ones are Ratgirl44 who does basic care information and tips, and ShadowTheRat, who is a fantastic reference for clicker and other forms of training.

  • The American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association has some good information on breeding and general care, although it’s worth noting that some information doesn’t apply to Australia, such as several diseases and coat types/colours we don’t have.

  • Ratwise: Alison Campbell has a wealth of knowledge and prioritises evidence based rat care. She operates a subscription service with access to a members only Facebook group where she shares information and fosters a wonderful, supportive community. She also has ebooks and PDFs available for purchase on a whole manner of different topics like rat diet, enrichment, social well being, health and learning.

  • The Liberty Foundation: Have an excellent article on how to set up a great cage. 


July 22, 2022