"The Gatton Crickets"

Three dehydrated pinkies were found abandoned in the dirt in a shed a few months ago. Thanks to some emergency sub-q fluids from UQ Vet at Gatton to help them survive the ride to the amazing foster mum Dolores, of Sanguine Rodentry, they're now healthy, happy 9 week olds! Batty the female has been adopted, but her miracle survivor brothers Wicket and Cricket are awaiting their family!
Dec 2019
Additional Details: 
The rats and mice featured on the website are never all the bubs awaiting adoption! As we need people to choose based on who's the best fit for them, we share some of our residents here and invite people to come and choose in person after being approved via the adoption application form. If you'd like to adopt, please get in touch to be approved and arrange an appointment, but please note that applications are not for individual rats and we don't 'hold' specific rats or mice for people, it's whatever is the best fit for them!