Nebuliser Hire

A nebuliser can be a powerful tool in the battle to treat respiratory illness in rats. Whether used to adminiser medications or break up mucous, it can sometimes make all the difference when used under the guidance of your vet. When you need a nebuliser, you need it quickly. Rachie's Ratirement Home owns several nebuliser kits which we can lend out to support our community at the cost of just $10 per week, picked up from Sunnybank Hills. When discussing treatment options with your vet, feel free to let them know you have access to a nebuliser - they may offer different treatment options with this knowledge if it's appropriate.

Each kit consists of: 

  • Nebuliser machine and accessories
  • Clear, sealable treatment box

Medications are not supplied.

Hire cost is $10 per week, with a deposit of $100, or $50 for financial members of RRH

Important information:

  • When hiring a nebuliser, you are responsible for keeping it clean and working - an RRH volunteer will show you how to use and clean your nebuliser, it is very important to clean it after every use!
    Failure to clean properly break some machines, or cause dangerous buildup of pathogens, endangering your rats and requiring components to be replaced.
  • Medications are not supplied, if you intend to medicate with the nebuliser please discuss it with your vet.
  • There is a fantastic document on nebuliser use available at AusRFS that every hirer needs to read, click here to access it. Thank you AusRFS!

When the kit is returned, the volunteer should check that the machine and equipment is working and in good order. 
If there are any issues with the condition of the kit when it is returned or any other issues, the volunteer should contact Rachie or another management member to discuss the appropriate action, eg if money is to be deducted from the hirers deposit. 
If all is in order then the deposit is returned to the hirer. 
If the kit is returned late then the extra hire fees need to be collected. If the kit is returned early then a refund should be given. 
The Return section of the hire form is then completed and signed by the volunteer and hirer.
After the kit is returned the officer should deposit the hire fee into the club account (or give to the Treasurer).

  • I agree to pay the hire cost of $10 per week.
  • I agree to pay the deposit of $50 for RRH members or $100 for non-members.
  • I have a copy of the AusRFS document “Nebulising Treatment for Respiratory Problems in Rats”
  • I agree to take good care of the nebuliser machine and accessories and to clean and maintain the equipment in strict accordance with the instructions in the above document. I understand that failure to do so may put at risk the health of my rats and any rat subsequently being treated with the equipment.
  • I agree to return the nebuliser machine and all equipment to RRH in the condition that it was taken, on the date arranged.
  • I agree that if the equipment is not returned in the condition it was taken on the date arranged, then the amount required to reinstate the equipment to the required condition and/or to honour the hire cost of the additional days of hire will be deducted from my deposit, up to the total amount.
  • I agree that if I incur charges larger than the deposit left, I am still responsible for paying any amount owed to RRH. I understand that the team will work with me to find reasonable accomodations for emergency situations, but that any leniency in arrangements are at the discretion of RRH and failure to pay owed funds or return rescue equipment may be taken as a breach of the Code of Conduct and affect my access to rescue events and resources in the future.
  • I agree and understand that sumbission of any electronic form to Rachie's Ratirement Home will be considered as signed and authorised by the person completing the form.