Rachie's Ratirement Home Incorporated - Code of Conduct

Acting with integrity and transparency must always be at the core of what we do. Great trust is placed in the rescue, and we need to honour that trust through our words and actions. Acting always with transparency and openness ensures that should issues arise, everything can be laid out on the table and the problem easily resolved or absolved, with no room for speculation, concern or conflict.
Trust is utterly vital for a rescue, and is a fragile commodity. A careless comment can hurt and isolate people in the organisation or the community, and one member acting poorly towards animals can be enough to destroy an entire organisation. As we grow and welcome more people into our family, we place great trust in everyone to continue to uphold the values by which the rescue has flourished.
We also need the organisation to be a space where we can all do our best, and this can only be achieved by acting with kindness, ethics and integrity.

Be kind, be honest, be ethical, be open. Be passionate and loving enough to acknowledge the good, and be brave and caring enough to give constructive feedback on the bad, no matter who or what it is. And thrive and grow from all of it. We are so proud of all that the rescue is, and of the lives changed for the better by passionate people working together. Make us proud of you too.

Rachel Greenfield,
Founder and President of RRH

All members of the rescue are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct and Constitution when working for, representing, or being identifiable as a representative of RRH. Any non-members are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct and Constitution when attending RRH events or participating in RRH hosted activities online or in person. The rescue has always been a safe space for animals and people, and there is no room here for deliberately hurtful behaviour or any form of discrimination. If you have concerns or believe there has been a violation of the Code or Constitution or behaviour which is unethical or mean spirited, please tell us about it. We have a policy of no retaliation for reporting, which means there will be no negative consequences from the rescue for honest feedback or reports, no matter who the subject of concern is. We are all accountable for our actions, and feedback drives growth and improvement.

The expectations of the Code of Conduct are as follows:

  1. I will follow the law, the constitution, and any rules of RRH.

  2. I will conduct myself in a way which contributes to the safety and enjoyment of all. I will not engage in or endorse behaviour which is intended or likely to hurt others or make people uncomfortable. This may include disruptive, foul, abusive, mean-spirited, hostile, rude or obscene language, or disrespect to the character or needs of others.

  3. I will not engage in nor endorse any form of vilification or discrimination of any form, and understand that the rescue in all forms, both in person and online, is a safe and welcoming space for people for all ages, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, races (including colour, nationality, ethnicity and ethnic origin), physical characteristics, and religious or spiritual beliefs.
    Examples of specific behaviours which breach this rule are: 

    1. Intentional disrespect of chosen pronouns or titles

    2. Intentional disrespect of the physical/mental/emotional needs of others.

    3. Statements of a discriminatory or hateful nature made in public or on a forum open to the public including online.

  4. I will not participate in or endorse cruel, neglectful, abusive or otherwise unethical treatment of animals and will seek help and support as soon as possible for any situations beyond my control which may lead to unethical circumstances.

  5. I will approach conflict respectfully and be mindful of the effects of mean spirited behaviour on the working environment and community. When in conflict I will prioritise clear communication and conflict resolution, seeking assistance from management should conflicts need assistance resolving or begin escalating into mean-spirited behaviour.

  6. I will not engage in any behaviour which could damage the reputation of RRH or its members, partners or sponsors, including but not limited to the spreading of malicious, misconstrued or private information or gossip, or by actions which may result in an unfavourable opinion of RRH by association.

  7. I will bring any conflicts, issues or concerns about members or practices at any level directly to the management team in a private and mutually respectful conversation.

  8. I will not act or speak on behalf of RRH without the approval of a management committee member or other authorised person.

  9. When advising others or providing information, I will act in the spirit of the rescue’s commitment to well researched and evidence based information as the basis of good welfare. I understand that sometimes the most useful answer we can give is admitting that we don’t actually know something with enough confidence to assert it.

  10. I understand that while no list can cover all possible circumstances, the spirit of the Code is to promote ethical behaviour. I will use my common sense to act with integrity and in a way that is kind, honest, ethical, and open.

  11. I understand that should I breach the Code of Conduct, Constitution, or any other rules of RRH, I may receive a warning, reprimand, or feedback from a member of the management committee, and record of the incident retained in a private log available to management. If the breach is considered serious or repeated, I may be given a formal warning, lose privileges, positions or roles, or have my membership suspended or revoked.