Surrender Application Form

Our commitment to you is to meet where you are at when surrendering, with transparency, compassion, understanding and in the absence of judgement. We know life happens, we know that even with the best of planning it is not always possible to avoid surrendering; we are here to support you.

When you contact us to organise a surrender we will;

  • Ask you to complete this form.
  • Organise an appointment for you to come to the rescue or meet with one of our volunteers.
  • Invite you come in and see the set-up of the rescue and ask any questions you may have.
  • Invite you to contact us if you want an update on how your rats are going.

What we need from you;

  • Information, information, information – what you tell us about your rats, especially the detail you give us sets us up with the best chance to provide the best care for your rat from the get go.
  • Remember, we aren’t judging, so if you have to tell us you haven’t been providing vet care, or you have had them living in a mouse cage, or they have mites/lice/respiratory illness, aggression – PLEASE tell us this. If we don’t know what is happening for your rat, we might put them in a big colony and stress them out, or we might end up with a mass lice outbreak at the rescue.
  • We have the skills, knowledge and equipment to manage most situations, all we need is for you to let us know what your rat needs from us.

Please talk to us honestly and openly about your rat and its history, we have not had to turn a rat away yet.

What we do want is to partner with you in making sure your rat, our volunteers and our residents are all safe and well throughout this process.

By submitting this application I acknowledge that I have read the information on surrendering, completed the form to the best of my ability and agree to the following:

I am the rightful owner of the rats detailed in this form and/or given to the rescue volunteers and by submitting this form I am relinquishing full ownership of all nominated rats to Rachie’s Ratirement Home.

I understand that Rachie’s Ratirement Home has no obligation to return these rats to me under any circumstances.

I understand that for privacy reasons, Rachie’s Ratirement Home will not provide me with details of new owners.

I understand that prior owners are welcomed to check in for updates on surrendered rats, however all information given is at the discretion, and within the capacity, of the rescue. The rescue reserves the right to cease communication where necessary.

I am aware of the care practices and policies that Rachie's Ratirement Home adheres to in relation of animal welfare standards.

I am aware that Rachie’s Ratirement Home has strict no-euthanasia policies, and will never euthanize a rat due to being over capacity or for non medical/behavioural reasons such as being difficult or impossible to rehome. I am also aware that the rescue will provide humane euthanasia to rats who require it for medical or extreme behavioural reasons where there are noviable alternatives which would enable the rat to enjoy a good quality of life.

If for any reason I am unhappy with my experience surrendering, I will contact Rachie’s Ratirement Home to discuss my concerns.

Please note that submission of any electronic form to Rachie's Ratirement Home will be considered as signed and authorised by the person completing the form.