Surrender FAQs

We understand that surrending can be emotional and difficult decision. We know that sometimes despite someones best intentions and effort they will still need to surrender their beloved pets. Here are our most commonly asked questions around surrenderings. Please know that we are not here to judge you, we want to work with you to achieve the best outcome for everyone. 


Q: I am worried about sounding ‘silly’ or like a ‘bad owner’ in answering your application questions?
A: Just tell us honestly as much as you can, it makes it much easier to ensure the rats get the care they need, are less stressed, and that our volunteers and other rats stay safe. We don’t shame people and we understand that the vast majority of surrenders are loving owners whose lives have taken unexpected directions.

Q: What types of animals can you care for at the rescue?
A: The rescue is equipped to care for all domestic rats including pregnant females, orphaned babies, behavioural cases and minor to severe medical cases. We don’t take wild rats, even when hand reared. If you need to surrender your rat due to them being sick or injured, please contact us and we will take them without judgement. 

Q: What does it cost to Surrender to the rescue?
A: There is no fee to surrender, but donations do help us keep the lights on and the rats cared for which is essential to our continued capacity to provide this community service. If you have the capacity to donate - money is the most valuable however we also appreciate unopened rodent specific food, substrate (kiln dried, dust extracted pine shavings and recycled kitty litter), rust free rat safe cages and clean enrichment, toys and  equipment. 

Q: What happens once my rats arrive at the rescue?
A: Once at the rescue, each rat is assessed and provided with any medical, social, nutritional and behavioural care they require either onsite or through a foster carer. We always seek to rehome ratties as a family environment is better than the shelter environment. However any rats unsuitable for rehoming are cared for as permanent residents and live out their lives at the rescue’s main premises. 

Q: Do you euthanise (put to sleep) rats in your care?
A: Rachie’s Ratirement Home takes a very strict approach to euthanasia of residents. We will never euthanize a rat due to capacity issues or because they cannot be rehomed. We do however, reserve the right to provide humane euthanasia to rats who require it for medical or extreme behavioural reasons where there are no feasible treatment or care alternative which would enable a good quality of life.

Q: I am thinking of surrendering because I have a holiday coming up and no care options?
A: If you are thinking about surrendering your rats because you're going away for an extended period please consider boarding them instead. We do not board animals directly but do recommend Connie’s Rat Sitting Service - Connie's Rat-Sitting Service | Facebook as an excellent boarding option for your rats. You can also contact Connie’s Rat-Sitting Service via email at


If you need support with surrendering, please complete the application form and we will assist you to the best of our ability. If you have any further questions about surrendering, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 48 hours.