Artist Collaborators

We are so lucky to have a number of artist collaborators who support us through their work - and we would love it if you could share the word about the amazing businesses below! By supporting them, you're supporting us too!

Right Paw Rattery

Right Paw Rattery was created by our Founder and President (Grover), and is run completely separate to Rachie's Ratirement Home. After seeing a steady decline in overall health and temperament in the rat community over the last few years, they have started a breeding program that uses a community collaborative approach to breeding selection, and utilises data gathering methods to make informed choices on future pairings. Grover also crafts beautiful cage accessories for your pets, and rodent-inspired art for you (the humans). Follow them on Facebook to see their latest updates.

Shake the Tree Art

Amber from Shake the Tree Art creates striking abstract alcohol ink and mixed media artworks, and beautiful functional art pieces including towels, resin clocks, plant pots, earrings and coasters. She donates $5 to the rescue for each of her signature rat artworks that is sold. Check out Amber's work on her website.

Creative Critter Co

Creative Critter Co specialises in handmade items for rodents and humans to enjoy, including hammocks for rats and mice, as well as scrunchies, resin keyrings and jewelry for people! See the full range of products available on Amy's website.

Sweetpaws Creative

Sweetpaws Creative is a small business dedicated to the love of ratties. Here you will find unique handmade crochet plushies, delightful rodent hats and more! Each item is made with love and stuffed full of sweetness. Check out Catherine's Facebook page for the full range of products available.

Hotel Rat Enrichment Co

Hotel Rat is a small business that operates in Queensland, Australia. Most rat owners know that there isn't really that much out there in terms of foraging and enrichment toys for rats, and Hotel Rat found themselves using toilet rolls, cardboard boxes, and miscellaneous toys to hide treats in for their ratties. Before long they started to design their own toys and use a 3D printer to bring their ideas to life! Hotel Rat foraging toys provide mental enrichment and challenging stimulation for your ratties. All toys are made from 100% recycled PETG plastic and 3D-printed in Australia.