Artist Collaborators

We are so lucky to have a number of artist collaborators who support us through their work - and we would love it if you could share the word about the amazing businesses below! By supporting them, you're supporting us too!

Rattus Rachie

@rattusrachie is the label by which our Founder and head human Rachie does their own incredibly creative and artistic work. They have a whole host of beautiful items available, so check out their Etsy store!

Heartrat Homemade

Our amazing Foster Care Coordinator Kyla also owns a delightful little business called Heartrat Homemade. Kyla's business specialises in making high quality and cute homemade items.Check out Heartrat Home on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with their latest product launches, or view what's in stock on their Etsy profile.

Jaesthetic Arts

@jaesthetic.arts is one of the Rescue's Artist Collaborators and all purchases from her #RRHMisfitsCollection results in a donation to further the work of our rescue! You can find out more about Jae's work and the RRH Misfits Collection at Jaesthetic Arts Etsy store

Petite Paws Natural Treats

One day back in 2020 when Covid 19 struck, and after a particularly tough 6 months of cancer treatment, Leisl said yes to adopting and loving some rats at the insistence of her children. Little did she know that the whiskery Milkshake and Kobe would bring her much happiness and that she would get endless pleasure from creating tasty treats and play things for the two boys. Petite Paws Natural Treats is the product of this mutual love between human and animal, and together we hope that you and your small-pawed friends find joy in our products and each other. Check out their website, Facebook and Instagram for wholesomely natural, tasty treats and toys for your small-pawed friends.

Creative Critter Co

Creative Critter Co specialises in handmade items for rodents and humans to enjoy, including hammocks for rats and mice, as well as scrunchies, resin keyrings and jewelry for people! Check out her Facebook page for the full range of products available.

November 03, 2021