Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

To improve the welfare of rats through education and community support, and by facilitating direct rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to provide a dedicated shelter for domestic rats with compassionate surrenders and expert care and rehabilitation with the goal of successful long term rehoming or permanent in-house care.
  • We support the community by providing evidence-based educational resources, and promoting ongoing discussion and learning.
  • We also collaborate with all facets of the rat community including researchers, community groups and ethical breeders and advocate at all levels to improve the welfare and management of all rats.


  • We provide professional, reliable, and responsive service.
  • We foster a welcoming, safe, diverse, and inclusive space.
  • Supporting the growth and development of an ethical, animal welfare focused community.
  • We believe in sharing knowledge and expertise wherever possible for the benefit of the animals.
  • We aspire to be a center of excellence and an industry leader for the welfare of domestic rodents.
  • We are advocates for native rodents and conservation within Australia.