16 Jun 2020

Reopening and COVIDsafe plan

RRH is opening back up to visitors and volunteers! We have voluntarily adopted the Industry COVID Safe Plan of the Zoo and Aquarium Association Australasia, as it was the most applicable to our situation. The plan can be found at www.covid19.qld.gov.au.

We ask for your cooperation with new and ongoing measures:

  • Hand sanitiser and a sink with antimicrobial hand wash are available at the rescue, and all visitors are encouraged to wash or sanitise their hands on arrival and departure.

  • We have added some posters to help remind visitors and volunteers about safe hand washing and distancing practices.

  • Common surfaces will be sanitised frequently with animal safe vet grade disinfectant.

  • All appointments must be arranged in advance via email to help with social distancing and restrict numbers. Appointments will be restricted to hourly slots, or half-hourly for drop offs.

  • Visitors are asked to only bring a maximum of one other person to an appointment. If it is very important to you that the whole family be involved in the adoption or surrender of a pet, we understand, please talk to us about it via email beforehand so we can book your appointment during quiet hours where other volunteers won’t be around, to comply with the recommendation of one person per 4 square metres of floor space.

  • Visitors (including volunteers) must stay home if they’re sick, and if showing COVID symptoms, remain at home until they test negative for COVID-19.

  • All visitors must sign in on a visitor book for contact tracing purposes, including name, address, and mobile phone number. This information will be stored for at least 56 days, and only used for the purposes of contact and tracing in the event of potential COVID-19 exposure.

  • Visitors are encouraged to download the Covidsafe App, however this is not a replacement for physical logbook requirements.

  • Visitors must have a purpose other than recreation. While at the rescue, we are limiting unnecessary risk of spread by restricting our usual practice of allowing visitors to cuddle and meet a range of animals, we’ll focus instead only on those relevant to the visit.

  • Visitors are asked to maintain social distancing to the best of their ability, and for volunteers assisting with offside work, we will continue to use electronic methods.

  • Visitors are encouraged to use contactless payment methods over cash, direct deposit is available.


As the rescue is at a residential address, we have additional protocols in place to manage the safety of those living in the upper floor of the building. 

  • Visitors with rescue business are asked not to enter the house upstairs unless invited to do so (this is a privacy arrangement which we ask people to respect outside of COVID management as well). 

  • Should an individual living upstairs contract or show symptoms of COVID-19, the rescue will be put into full lockdown as well to minimise risk of transmission until a negative result is obtained for all members of the household.

Looking forward to seeing you all (from 1.5m away) 
RRH Management

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