19 Sep 2020

This article is the second of a series of six, covering the topic of enrichment for rats.

12 Sep 2020

This isn’t a story about neglect, or an accidental litter, it’s one that is bitter-sweet, and out of all the rescue stories there are, in some ways

Two rats sleeping in a snuggly bed
16 Jun 2020

RRH is opening back up to visitors and volunteers!

Squeak staring directly at the camera, her one good eye trained on you!
04 Mar 2020

“If two are better than one, then four is the definition of perfect.”
– A Squeak Proverb

12 Feb 2020

There are many, many myths and misconceptions about what rats can and can’t eat.

09 Mar 2020

A cool piece of modern children’s fiction!

23 Feb 2020

Hoo boy, strap yourselves in for a laugh and a cry because this book has not aged well.

06 Apr 2020

This book is a pretty neat collection of rat representations in media and (mostly western) culture.

A red and gold papercut style image of a rat and flowers, saying "happy new year"
28 Jan 2020

Gong hei fat choy and gong xi fa cai, to all our friends celebrating Chinese New Year!

14 Feb 2020

This is an old museum booklet I picked up from one of my favourite secondhand bookstores;

12 Jan 2020

This book is an immediate favourite for me.

12 Jan 2020

This book is an utterly fascinating slice of history and perspective from a distinguished American bacteriologist writing in the 30’s.

A fat fluffy rat sleeping in a chewed out half watermelon
27 Dec 2019

Whether you are a new or experienced rat parent, Summer is a time to ensure your rats setup allows them to keep cool.

Three critically unwell rat pups found in the dirt.
07 Jan 2020

A wonderful tribe member contacted the rescue to alert us to some rats in need, these survivors appeared to be some lovely domesticated rats who ha

QRF Show Set Up
31 Dec 2019

It was a fantastic year for Rachie's Ratirement Home rodents (and humans!) at the Queensland Rodent Fanciers Shows.

A mouse leaving a dollhouse out the front door appearing to be waving
04 Nov 2019

This is a science-based checklist defining minimum requirements to house mice ethically.

A group of baby rats in a house
04 Nov 2019

This is a science-based checklist defining minimum requirements to house rats ethically.

rat medication, first aid kit, list of supplies
04 Nov 2019

These items are useful to have on hand for rat care.